Some comments I hear all the time from my clients...

"We'll probably have to get you back in later in the year."

"I have no idea right now what content I'm going to need in a few months time."

"I'd love to get some photos sorted but cashflow wise we have other commitments right now."

"We've got some big changes planned. Maybe it's best to wait."

Hearing these comments showed me 3 things...

  1. Being able to manage cashflow is important to my clients
  2. Things change. Being able to adapt quickly without any fuss is important to my clients.
  3. Keeping things fresh and relevant is important to my clients.

So this is why I launched my Easy Content Plans.

A simple way for you to always have up to date, high quality images to use across your socials and on your website, all whilst not not putting a huge dent in your cashflow.

How does it work?

Quite simply, we'll shoot several times over the year and you'll receive a batch of new images every single month to add to your collection and use as you need.

As an example we'll agree to shoot together 4 times over the year, so once every quarter. But every month you'll receive 15 digital images to use.

To make it even easier and more manageable the cost is spread over the year into monthly installments which is easy on the cashflow.

The shoots can cover whatever you need at that particular time meaning your content is always fresh. We can shoot on location, in the studio or at a place that's suitable for the content you need.

By joining the plan you're making a saving of over £2,000 and you're getting enough content really keep things fresh and always varied which will impress your audience.

Easy Content Plan Options (Intro rates)

Solo Start Up

The perfect option for the one person outfit who's looking to get started in the right way.

Shoot twice a year (60-90 min sessions).

10 digital images delivered every month.

25% off standard rates for all other work

£65 / month

The Pro (most popular)

Shoot 4 times a year (60-90 min sessions)

15 digital images delivered every month.

25% off standard rates for all other work.

£100 / month

Big Buisness

4 x half day shoots a year.

20 digital images delivered every month.

30% off standard rates for all other work

£200 / month


How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have any kind of online presence you need professional content and this plan is the most cost effective and efficient way to get exactly that.

If you want fresh content that connects with your audience whilst impacting your cashflow as least as possible this is right for you.

How do I know which one is right for me?

Let's have a chat. I want you to get the best out of it but I don't want you paying for something you don't need and resent the whole thing!

So let's have a chat, learn about where you are, hear your plans and we can go from there.

Why can't I have all my photos at once?

You'll get your images delivered each month after your payment date. This helps keep things fresh for you. You'll get a new batch of images every month for you to use across your social channels and websites.

Can I choose the images I want?

100% yes you can!

You'll get to choose the images you want from a library. You can choose them all at once and choose when you want them or select a batch you want within that period. It's all flexible.

What if my situation changes? can I cancel?

I want this to work for you. If it doesn't or if your situation changes and you need to cancel you can do. You'll need to give one month notice and have paid for any shoots you've received but don't worry about it, you'll be looked after.

What shoots are covered within the plan?

Every business is different but we can shoot whatever you need. Headshots, portraits, office environment shots, products and services, I can even cover an event if you're attending or hosting.

What if I need more than what's covered in the plan?

As a thank you for your commitment you'll get 25% off my standard rates for anything else you need. If you need additional images to be edited, extra time on a shoot, even an extra session to cover something unforeseen you'll be offered this preferential rate.

What if one session I need video rather than photography?

For a small additional fee we can switch a session to video rather than photo. Each case will be discussed because needs will vary but you'll be looked after and will be able to get what you need.

We've got a big team. I'll need more than the allowance to have all the shots I need.

We'll work together to make sure you have the content you need when you need it. If we need to increase one month and decrease another it can be done. Flexibility is key!

Do you have a question?

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