How will I know which shoot is right for me?

By asking me! Let's have a chat. Tell me your story and what you're looking to achieve and I can help with options and guidance. I want you coming back to me so I always make sure my advice is clear, honest and that I have your goals right at the front of any suggestions I give you.

how many images will I need?

This will depend on your needs and your strategy. 20 images could be all you need for a good social media and website strategy. Or maybe 50 would give you a more suitable amount of options. Help me understand your plans and I'll help you with guidance on this.

I need a lot of content. Do you offer a discount for multiple shoots?

I've created my Easy Content Plans for exactly this situation. For a monthly fee you can shoot with me regularly throughout the year. You'll pay less and get more! I have options to suit most demands so let me know if you want the details.

how long does it take to get the edited photos?

I aim to have the proofs with you within 2 working days (Mon- Fri) where possible. Final edits I aim to have with you within 5 business days of me receiving your final selections. It's usually much sooner than this. You'll be kept informed if things will take any longer.

Will I lose my deposit if we have to move the date?

I'm not an idiot over things like this. Life happens sometimes. All I ask for is as much notice as possible and honest communication. In most cases we can reschedule if we need to. Don't worry.

can I pay in installments?

For individual one off shoots, no. Payment needs to be made by the shoot day.

However you can join my Easy Content Plan which gives you multiple shoots over the year for a manageable monthly payment. Message me for more info.

Where is the best place to shoot?

There's no such thing as a bad location. Just one that's right for there shoot and one that isn't! We'll chat about what you're looking to get from a photoshoot and discuss suitable locations. The right one will depend on the message you're looking to send. I'll help you decide.

Can I add time to the shoot if I want to keep going?

Of course but this will depend on my schedule that day. Extra time is charged at just £100 per part hour.